Thursday, June 25, 2015

Winter in June...

I know you are all probably thinking,..."Why is she posting a snowy winter picture In JUNE?" The truth is our central air unit went completely out and so we have no cool air right now! Ugggg*! It is so hot! I have been keeping the blinds and curtains closed as much as possible trying to keep the warm, (or rather HOT) air out. Windows are open in hopes of getting a little breeze blowing through and every fan we own is on full speed! We got our first bid on a new unit today which includes a new furnace...scary! But our home is 20 years old next month and so everything is due to be replaced. Any way, more bids will be coming in tomorrow and then hopefully SOON we will be getting the old AC and furnace replaced and I can stop sweating! I thought maybe by posting a snowy, winter picture I would feel a little cooler. Sorry to say it didn't work. But it is still a beautiful picture so I hope you enjoy it!
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