Sunday, June 12, 2011


One of the things I LOVE about boys is the phases they go through!
My cute little Bridger has been going through a Military phase for a while now. He has been wearing camo uniforms every day. This is Bridger in one of the uniforms.
Bridger is very Military minded and watches a Lot of Army shows. He even won a contest at school for writing an essay on being patriotic!
Bridger (with his dads help) built a pinewood derby car and guess what it was,....Of course, a camouflage tank!

When he is not in full uniform, Bridger makes sure his T-shirt still has a military theme.
Here he is on the bus with his best friend Tegan, going on a field trip. Notice Bridger is wearing an Air Force shirt and of course he had to wear the hat.
I love that Bridger is feeling so patriotic and wants to show his support to our troops.
Branson right now is just being a typical 12 year old. He is loving playing baseball and loves being a pitcher for his team. Branson is into BMX bikes and loves to go to the Extreme Air-Sport place to jump on trampolines and do tricks.
Here is a picture of Branson on the day of his 6th grade graduation.
Branson heading for school.
I realize I am the mom but I really think these are two of the cutest and most unique 10 and 12 year old boys around!
I love these guys and me and Kent are so happy we have them! Their older brothers, Dustin, Garrett and Chase all think they are pretty special too!
So thank you Branson and Bridger for making life so fun and interesting and keep being you because you are both Awesome!!!