Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Remember this from last year??? I may regret saying this but I am looking forward to snow again. Now that most of the decorating is done,..(of course it is never really done. I am still rearanging things all the time) and "most" of the gifts are bought, I am ready to warm up some wassil and relax and watch it snow. >

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Once again life has become so busy I haven't taken the time to blog. So here is just a few of the things we have been busy with...Starting with the most important thing that happened, On Sept. 25, my 20 year old son,Chase, was in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was the passenger on the back of a bullet bike and his friend that was driving passed away in the accident. Chase suffered head trauma and a very badly broken elbow. He was lifeflighted to Utah Valley Hospital and had surgery on both. He was in the trauma unit for a while.
He is now doing quite well. His body is healing and we just got the results of his most recent MRI wich shows that everything with his brain is OK!
I am not reporting everything on here but I just wanted to put a little update for all of my blogger friends!
We have been SOOOO BLESSED! And even with all of the trials, we count our blessings every day that Chase is still with us and he is going to be OK!
Dustin with Chase in the Trauma Center.
Sorry, I know this is hard to look at but this is what Chases poor head looked like after his surgery. Chases arm after they took the cast off. His elbow now has pins, a screw and wires in it.
On a lighter note, Branson and Bridger with their friend Kolton enjoyed some fun at the Monster Truck.

Branson finally became a member of the Civil Air Patrol. He is loving it!!!
Grandma Bliss is still making us smile! Love her in this picture!
Well that is just a quick update.
We are getting excited now for the holidays! Can't wait to decorate.
This year is extra special because we have so much to be thankful for!
Love you all,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Garrett & Kaylee's Wedding~

Setting up...
Waiting for his bride...(he better get use to that)
Dustin looks pretty happy, must be the cuties on his arms!
Chase was also having a good time.

Bridger, unlike his brothers, he nearly ran down the isle. He just wanted to get it over with. I'm sure he will think differently in a few years.
They are so cute!
Finally the Bride with her two Dads. She looked so beautiful and happy!
The beautiful Bridesmaids
The Handsome Groomsmen
The ring exchange
The Happy Couple!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Towel Cake~

My son Garrett is getting married!!! Yay we are so excited!
He has been dating Kaylee for over FIVE years.
Kaylee is such a sweet girl we could not be any happier!
Saturday I had a bridal shower for Kaylee. It turned out great.
I didn't take pictures at the shower and I really wish I would have. (Too busy trying to be a good hostess I guess)But I did snap two pictures the night before the shower of the towel cake that I made for the table decoration. It did look cuter the day of the shower with brown, green and blue balloons on each side of the cake tied to the cake plates which held the shower favors.
The towel cake was really fun to make!
The bottom layer is 4 bath size towels, the middle layer is 4 hand size towels and the top layer is 4 wash cloths. There is a wooden dowel in the middle for stubility.
Then I just decorated it with ribbon, flowers, and a ceramic letter G (for Garrett) and K (for Kaylee)all in bright green, brown and bright blue,(their wedding colors) and all bought at Hobby Lobby!
I hope you like it and if you ever make a towel cake I would love to see how it turns out!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


One of the things I LOVE about boys is the phases they go through!
My cute little Bridger has been going through a Military phase for a while now. He has been wearing camo uniforms every day. This is Bridger in one of the uniforms.
Bridger is very Military minded and watches a Lot of Army shows. He even won a contest at school for writing an essay on being patriotic!
Bridger (with his dads help) built a pinewood derby car and guess what it was,....Of course, a camouflage tank!

When he is not in full uniform, Bridger makes sure his T-shirt still has a military theme.
Here he is on the bus with his best friend Tegan, going on a field trip. Notice Bridger is wearing an Air Force shirt and of course he had to wear the hat.
I love that Bridger is feeling so patriotic and wants to show his support to our troops.
Branson right now is just being a typical 12 year old. He is loving playing baseball and loves being a pitcher for his team. Branson is into BMX bikes and loves to go to the Extreme Air-Sport place to jump on trampolines and do tricks.
Here is a picture of Branson on the day of his 6th grade graduation.
Branson heading for school.
I realize I am the mom but I really think these are two of the cutest and most unique 10 and 12 year old boys around!
I love these guys and me and Kent are so happy we have them! Their older brothers, Dustin, Garrett and Chase all think they are pretty special too!
So thank you Branson and Bridger for making life so fun and interesting and keep being you because you are both Awesome!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

~Yummy Cake Balls~

Yummy Yummy Cake Balls!
Sunday was such a great day, it was my birthday and also our anniversary!
30 Years!!! I can hardly believe it! I made these cake balls for the first time and they turned out soooo good!
(Thanks Kellie for the recipe) so easy and fun to make.
My Sweetheart Kent took me out for a nice romantic dinner on Friday. "After 30 years he still melts my butter lol"
I've said it before,...you have got to love a man that is fine with having 13 pillows on the bed lol.
Have a great day everyone & keep blogging!

Monday, March 28, 2011

~Time To Update~

So you know it is really time to update the blog when your brother-in-law tells you it's time.
So here is a quick update on what has been going on at Our Little Acorn Cottage,...I know this will shock some of you but I have been sticking to my plans of working on some home-made items for this up-coming Christmas.
With the weather being so gloomy I thought it would be a good time to make some things before the sun comes out and we all start spending our time outside.
I can't tell you everything I have been working on,(because some of you will be recipient's of some of these gifts) but I can let you know I have pieced together 5 quilt tops!!!
I wanted to make each of my boys a quilt this year and I now have the tops done and ready to tie!
The reason I can tell you about them is, my boys know that I am making them all a quilt they just don't know what they are going to look like.
Doing all of these sewing projects has required much fabric store shopping! Yay, one of my favorite things to do because you know I can't go to the fabric stores alone therefore my sweet Mom and Sister have to go with and that always means going out to lunch and so on and so on...(it's rough lol)
Any who, the other thing that takes my time of course is my Sweety, my boys, housework, cooking,
and also my pets, (by the way, me and Baxter are not doing so well on our diet)and then there is my church calling. So you see, with all of these things, it just hasn't left a lot of time for blogging.
I am definately feeling more and more like Snow White (Thank Heavens for the Dwarfs and my Prince Charming!) I love them all and my busy life!
I will try to make more time for blogging because I really do love it and I wouldn't want to dissapoint my Bro-in-law again."hehehe"
I love looking at all of your blogs and hope to have something more interesting on mine soon. Until then, take care, keep blogging, and I'll see you soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Pillow for Christmas~

Just wanted to share a picture of a pillow I made for my Mother-In-Law for Christmas. It was a fun and easy project.

I am hoping to make a lot of home made items for Christmas this year. The sad thing about that is,...I should probably get started NOW! As slow as I am it will take me all year but I LOVE home-made things and when you put something you made with someones gift, it really means a lot,....anyway, I think it does.
Hope you all have a Fabulous Day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I am so excited for 2011!
Like everyone I have made many New Years Resolutions like,....get more organized, get on a better schedule so I will be using my time better, save money, complete some home improvement projects that I have been wanting to do, cook healthier meals, spend more time with the family just having fun, and so on and so on, the list never ends.
There is one resolution that I have made for myself and also for Baxter.
To Loose a few pounds!
Poor Baxter, he has really been enjoying all of the yummy holiday food just like his owner,(me) and it has taken it's toll on both of us.
So wish us luck as we begin the new year with plans to get a little healthier.
I will keep you posted on how we are doing. (I will let you know how Baxter is doing for sure.)We want to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and I Hope All of Your Hopes and Dreams for 2011 Come True!!!
See you in Blog Land