Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gift

Christmas was amazing this year! All 5 of our boys were home and we all had such a wonderful time together! We all got spoiled, "as usual" but I recieved a special gift from my sister Cindy that I wanted to share with you.
Our Dad passed away on December 27th 1995. We all miss him. Growing up, Cindy and I always called my Dad, "Daddy" To the brother's he was "Dad" but to us girls he was always-Daddy. I love this pillow that Cindy made me. It made me cry when I opened such a special gift and I will treasure it forever.
Every year on Christmas Eve, we go to the cemetery and light candles on Daddy's grave. It is so peaceful and pretty.
This quilt is a beautiful wallhanging that I WON!
Two years ago, we went to a quilt guild and I bought a raffle ticket for $1.00. And this is what I won! It is hanging in our family room in our basement right now. I love it! I felt kind of bad when the ladies from the quilt guild delivered it to me because one of the ladies said she had bought 40 tickets because she wanted to win so bad. I can appreciate all of the time and work that went into making this quilt and I feel very fortunate to have won!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Our Little Acorn Cottage!
This year I decided to go with mostly gold, cream, and white decorations upstairs.

I love this little vintage deer.

I am so glad Bridger and Branson will still pose for pictures!
My very talented Mother made this Nativiy for me.

This is a small doll tree in my bedroom.

This little stocking was made by one of our sweet neighbors I love it! Thanks Brenna!
Max Misty and Baxter on the bed of course. I wish I were a better photographer. I have not learned how to fix the eyes in photo's. These furry babies are adorable! I'll work on taking better pictures.

My dear husband Kent and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May you all enjoy this beautiful season reflecting on the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas in October!!!

Isn't this beautiful!?!
You all know by now how much I like Halloween......hahaha.
Thursday I did put a small Halloween post on so I decided that now it would be ok to post my favorite.....CHRISTMAS!
Today we went to a Fabulous Christmas Open House!
My favorite tree was the one decorated in Gold & White!

There was so many different trees, there really was something for everone.

The Nativities were also beautiful!

I know for some of you, this is way too early to start thinking about Christmas, but I have always loved Christmas---before---Christmas!
All of the sparkle, the lights, the holiday smell's, the parties, the shopping, the music and the anticipation. Most of all the spirit that is felt during this time of year!
So enjoy your Halloween and get excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I look forward to seeing pictures of your beauiful decorations. You always inspire me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Branson & Bridger standing by one of our acorn trees.
We love fall although I'm not sure how much the boys enjoy picking up all
of those acorns that keep falling. lol
I have been enjoying visiting your blogs and all of the fun halloween post's.
I have to admit, I am not a big fan of Halloween. A few years ago I decided to try to get into the spirit of the holiday by making a couple of crafts.
These are the two witches I made.
Not very scary at all I know but they were fun to make.
This is the first year that they have been brought out for their holiday in quite a long time.
I thought you might enjoy seeing them and I really should post something for Halloween before I start on CHRISTMAS!
I love her funny little face and her tooth...hehehe.
Hope you have a spooky & fun Halloween!
We are off to start our Christmas Shopping!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I have such a sweet sister.
The other day, my sister Cindy stopped by and brought me a gift!
It is the cutest book I have ever seen.
Stories Of
Little Girls And Their Dolls

I love the illustrations

I have always loved dolls. And this book brings back so many memories for me.
As a little girl I played with dolls constantly.
When I became an adult I started making porcelain dolls.
I have made several and most of them are stored away in boxes for now.
Living in a house full of boys, I have often heard the statement...,"Mom, those dolls are freaking me out."
That is why they are in boxes.
I recently recieved another Very Special Gift. This one was given to me by my Mother.
Her Mary Poppins Doll!!!
I couldn't believe she gave her to me!! There is a good reason why I would be the one to get this see, when I was very young, at Christmas time, every time someone would ask me what Santa Clause was going to bring me, I would simply say...,"I don't know, but, my Mom is going to get a Mary Poppins Doll!"
I have NO idea what I got that year but my Mom got a Mary Poppins Doll! I knew she would...Santa always comes through!

I remember her having a bag and an umberella and a hat. I'm sure I am probably the one that lost those items when I was young.

Mary Poppins now has a home in my cabinet and so far she hasn't freaked any of the boys out! LOL I think they all understand what a Fabulous Treasure she is in my heart.

So to the best Mom and Sister, THANK YOU!! I love and treasure my gifts.
And no matter what our age's are, we are all still little girls inside that love our dolls.