Saturday, November 17, 2012

~Decorating in Progress~

Hi Everyone,
 Well the holiday decorating is going on here in full force!
I now have three trees up and decorated. YAY!
 There is still a lot to do but everything seems to be coming together.

I took a break from decorating today to put together some "Teacher Appreciation Treats" for our teachers in Primary and our Scout Leaders. I will be giving them to them tomorrow at Church.

They are containers full of Swedish Fish, (who doesn't love Swedish Fish?...yummy.)
 The card stock fish on the top reads;  You are o"fish"ally the best!
I think our teachers will like them.

 Not everything is turning out the way I had hoped, I have one problem that I am not sure how to fix.
After decorating our Christmas tree in our formal living room I stood back and looked at it and I was very satisfied,   (this is the first year that I added in brown and left off the white ornaments that I normally use)

Like I was saying, I WAS satisfied until,...I took a picture of it that night with the lights on.
 I didn't notice until I looked at the picture that one section of lights toward the top of the tree were OUT!
This is a pre-lit tree and I have no idea how to change out that small section of lights.
 I thought I may be able to sneek in a small stran of lights and plug them in and nobody would know but this is a rotating tree and therefor the cord would get tangled and pull out of the wall.

If any of you have a solution to my problem I would love to hear it!
 The other thing I haven't yet decided on is how to decorate the top of the tree.
Still a work in progress.

Oh, One more thing, do you remember these?

 Well they now look like this:

I love taking things I already have and changing them for each holiday.
 It's not only fun but an inexpensive way to decorate.

 I have more to show you so check back and have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!


  1. Your tree is so beautiful! I read about this Light gun on a website last year. Maybe it will help you.

    Here is where you can get it, but I've seen them at home depot, and I bet walmart carries them. Amazon has a great price and the reviews are wonderful. Maybe it would work for you!

  2. Thanks Lisa for the information. I had never heard of a light gun and after reading your post I watched a video on them and I can't wait to go to Home Depot and get one!
    Thanks again!