Friday, August 7, 2015

~Cabinet before and after~

Finally! here is the before and after!
At first I felt like the paint seemed a little too bright white and I was going to paint over it with an off white color called, "Oak Buff" but as I asked family members and friends what they thought everyone seemed to like it as it is. I antiqued it lightly and I think I will more than likely add more of the antiquing stain and wax but for now I am happy with it. For the back splash area behind the dishes I am leaving brown for now. Most of the dishes I display in this cabinet are white and they show up nicely with the brown background but I have seen a lot of refurbished cabinets with different papers and patterns behind the dishes and they look really cute. I need to make sure and keep it a color that will look good with the different dishes that I will be putting in when I change them out with the changing seasons. Any how, for now i am liking how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by! ~Hugs~ Denise

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