Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~ Romantic Country & White Wednesday ~

I hope you have all recieved your
~ Romantic Country 2010 magazine ~
I am always so excited when I go to the mailbox and the latest issue is there waiting for me!
This issue, "like all of the issue's" is Fabulous!
My favorite picture is on page's 46 & 47. A beautiful bedroom but I truly believe the real reason I love this room is,.......
(The Doggie Beds!!!)I love these little bed's. I would love my furry babies to each have a bed like these. They are darling, don't you think?

I love white and in honor of ~ White Wednesday ~ I wanted to show you the cute little lamp I bought at the thrift store yesterday.
It was only $5.
Well, have a great day and enjoy your
~ Romantic Country Magazine! ~
I will be trying to think of a way that I could possibly make my doggies cute little beds like the ones in the magazine.
Wish me luck.


  1. My hubby gave me a subscription for Christmas......I am hoping that I get this issue. Otherwise...I may have to wait until the next one!

    If you got the issue of Flea market style...I finally found one.....there is a tutorial on doggie beds. They take a small coffee table and turn it up side down....add a few things and voila it is a CUTE doggie bed.

    Also....I found a vintage metal crib...the sides come down and it makes a perfect pet bed. I have wanted to sell some....but I have not found another metal crib at a reasonable price.

    I bought mine for $15 but the ones I have seen are atleast $30......that it still cheap for a cute,vintage pet bed.

    When my room is done I will show pics of it.

    You must think I am the worst blog friend ever......I STILL have not sent your little goodie. I am getting it packaged up today and sending it with my Hubby to get mailed by Thursday.

    Have a happy day~Sheri

  2. Checked my mail.....I got my issue of Romantic Country! Kiddos are down for I go to lose myself in its beauty :)

  3. Don't search too hard for the magazine(Flea Market style).....cause U might just have one coming your way :)

    Hoping your week is going well.

    Hugs` Sheri

  4. Hi Denise, of course you can build those doggie beds. Don't try and do it exact, but do it! Your awesome.

    come visit

  5. Love the doggie beds and I don't have a dog! Thanks for commenting on my French Flea photos. I wish you were there, too.

  6. Denise...did U get your package yet?
    Promise, it was mailed last Thursday.....Hubby showed me the receipt last night cause he did not do it the week before.

    Hoping it arrives this week..if not today.

    My brother showed me the KSL site.....found my trailer there and made him pick it up :)

    They have a ton of trailers that they call hunting in CALI..they are Vintage gems :)

  7. Wow! I think my sis may be a stalker! LOL Just stopping by to say Hello! Hope you have a Great week!
    Alfie LAroo