Monday, October 5, 2009


I have such a sweet sister.
The other day, my sister Cindy stopped by and brought me a gift!
It is the cutest book I have ever seen.
Stories Of
Little Girls And Their Dolls

I love the illustrations

I have always loved dolls. And this book brings back so many memories for me.
As a little girl I played with dolls constantly.
When I became an adult I started making porcelain dolls.
I have made several and most of them are stored away in boxes for now.
Living in a house full of boys, I have often heard the statement...,"Mom, those dolls are freaking me out."
That is why they are in boxes.
I recently recieved another Very Special Gift. This one was given to me by my Mother.
Her Mary Poppins Doll!!!
I couldn't believe she gave her to me!! There is a good reason why I would be the one to get this see, when I was very young, at Christmas time, every time someone would ask me what Santa Clause was going to bring me, I would simply say...,"I don't know, but, my Mom is going to get a Mary Poppins Doll!"
I have NO idea what I got that year but my Mom got a Mary Poppins Doll! I knew she would...Santa always comes through!

I remember her having a bag and an umberella and a hat. I'm sure I am probably the one that lost those items when I was young.

Mary Poppins now has a home in my cabinet and so far she hasn't freaked any of the boys out! LOL I think they all understand what a Fabulous Treasure she is in my heart.

So to the best Mom and Sister, THANK YOU!! I love and treasure my gifts.
And no matter what our age's are, we are all still little girls inside that love our dolls.


  1. Hi Denise! I just saw your post on Facebook about having a blog. I love that Mary Poppins Doll! We have a blog too: Keeping up with the Johnson's! (

  2. OH yes..we are never to old for dolls!!!!

    I love dolls....the old babies are my favorites. That book looks so sweet....wish I could see it in person :)

    Happy weekend~Sheri

  3. Hi Denise, I just see that you joined my followers. I check with them regularly ya know. I'm going to have a drawing for my followers for a christmas prize.

    I am so excited, you sound like such a sweetheart. OMG we have alot in common. I have raised one girl, and three boys, and I have 8 grandchildren. I sew, quilt, blog, write, decorate, read, love to shop and do humanitarian work.

    I love that little book. I'm looking for a book for a granddaughter for her birthday. Is that a new one?


  4. How sweet are you! I just read my comment.
    I am sooo excited. I have never received a gift from a fellow blogger....Yes,I won a few give aways and purchased items, but NEVER a "just because" :)

    The address is to the shop I rent a space from....I will tell them to be on the look out.

    Thank you for thinking of me.....Sheri

  5. Denise.....words can not express how I felt when I got my package today.

    I was like a little kid at Christmas. I was so surprised to find that you included Ashlee too :)

    I called and told her......she will be home Saturday and will get to see for herself.

    I will be blogging about my wonderful gifts on Wed. The poodles are so adorable....and such a variety. I have never seen ones like you found. I am going to put them in my trailer....and I cannot wait to show them off!

    Thanks made my day and my whole week :) Sheri