Saturday, July 11, 2009

Princess Academy

I was invited to help prepare and serve food for an event that happened some time ago. It was a Princess Academy hosted by our very own Miss Payson, Chelsie Cooper.
This was a fun day for girls of all ages to be princesses. There were many activities. I wanted to show a little of the Princess Academy to you. Chelsie Cooper, (our wonderful Queen, Miss Payson,) crowned every girl a princess. Chelsie is in the beautiful pink dress.
The girl in the black was the photographer/and also Chelsie's sister.
This is a picture of the petite princess food that we served to the girls.
My favorite part was when our queen, Miss Payson sang a beautiful song written by Liz Laney entitled; Every Girl A Princess.
Fairy Godmother was there granting every girls wish.
Every princess was able to have her picture taken with the Queen.
Every princess was treated to a carriage ride.
What a Fabulous day it was for these girls.
I'm sure they all went home knowing that they are all pricesses.

Since this event, Chelsie Cooper has gone on to win, Miss Congeniality at the Miss Utah Pagent.
Congratulation's Chelsie!

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  1. How absolutely darling an event. Bet they were all thrilled beyond words. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hi...Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.
    I wish I lived closer to some of you are all so wonderful. We should have a HUGE blogger party....somewhere in the middle of us all :)