Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridger's Dog Collection

My youngest son, (Bridger) has taken after me in a small way, he loves dog's.
Not just real, living dog's but also dog figurines.
He has been collecting them and wanted me to put them on here for you all to see.
So the other day, after we had taken them down from his shelf to wash them we took a few pictures to show you.
This first picture is a close up of his antique dog's.

This is another picture of Bridger's old dog's.
Some of these his Grandmother gave him from her collection from years ago.
Some he bought from antique sales, andyard sales.

This is Bridger's collection.
Some are old, some are new.
He loves them and isn't that what we should collect,...the things we love?
I'm sure one day Bridger will decide the time has come to box them up and store them in the basement next to Dustin's horse collection,and Branson's horse collection, (wich just went to the basement for storage this sad) Chase's GI Joe and army fgurine collection and Garrett's baseball card collection.
But for now, I am very happy to enjoy Bridger's dog collection!
I hope we get to for a long, long time!
I had to put a picture of my daisy on here for you to see.
It is so pretty but I know it wont last long.


  1. What a great collection, Bridger! I'd love to see it in person!

  2. My daughter has just started a little dog collection and she is 20....I will have to tell her to stop by and visit your sons collection.

    He has a lot of great dog figurines......tell him that he has great taste :)

    I will get my Hubby's pesto recipe for you...there are no family secrets so I can share~LOL