Thursday, August 26, 2010

*Back To School*

Bridger and Branson headed back to school this week.
Summer went by so fast this year, I was a little sad to send them back to school.
Bridger, (my non-smiler in photo's) is in the 4th grade this year and Branson is in the 6th grade.
With the boys in school now, I am hoping to get some more projects done and checked off the list. I finished a sewing project this morning but I am not going to post pictures of it because it is a Christmas gift for someone and I don't want her peeking at her gift.
Can I just say ...YAY! one Christmas gift done!!!
I did take a picture and will post sometime after Christmas.
Now, I think I am ready to head out to the garage and tackle painting the buffet.
I will take before and after pic's.
Have a great day!

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