Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since my email was hacked recently I have been away from blogging.
What an aweful feeling to not have any controll over your email. I am truly sorry for any of you that recieved emails from the hackers pretending to be me.
I'm happy to say that I now feel secure with my new email and I also have an updated security on my computer. I'm feeling much safer.
It has been so long since my last post and I do have some summer activities to post about and also new decorating and sewing projects to post about but for now I am back-tracking and posting some older things that I missed while being away from the computer.
This is a picture of a fun weekend trip we took to SLC.

This is me and my sweety Kent at the Temple.Me and Branson trying to look like the statue at Temple Square.
Joseph and Hyrum, Oh I mean Branson and Bridger.
This is my favorite picture.
Later that evening we went to a Hunting Expo

I really liked this chest. Wow, some people have amazing talents.

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