Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue Monday

For ~ Blue Monday ~ I thought I would show you all some quilt blocks that I made.
This was a, Quilt Block Of The Month Class that I took and as you can see, it only lasted 5 months. For some reason after 5 months the class ended. I had really good intentions of doing 7 more blocks on my own but life is busy and I have been puting it off. Now I am getting excited to get back to sewing the rest of the blocks.
This is going on my....(Projects to Finish) list.

Hopefully one day I will post a picture of the finished quilt with all 12 blocks!
Have a Fabulous Week!


  1. Just stopping by to say Hello!
    Nice Quilt block.
    We love to camp too and I love to catch big fish like Garrett(hope the names were in order with Pict.)Where was that at?
    5 boys! Wow! We have 2 of each 12-21! And I too was blessed with a wonderful spouse, aren't we lucky!
    And you even capitalized my A...way cool!
    Kind Regards,
    Alfie LAroo

  2. Oh Brother....and I do mean "oh Brother"~lol.

    He read your comment and beat me over here too!
    You will have to go back and read his comment on my blog.

    Good thing he is addicted to Facebook and has not ventured into the blogging world, YET...he would be hooked for sure and sharing his recipes with all of us...HA!

    I can barely sew a button so I would never be able to make a quilt....I have made a doll too.

    My Mom has was fun making the baby doll. My Aunt and I both took a class.

    Hugs~Sheri....Alfie LAroo's sister

  3. Beautiful work! A finished quilt would be so pretty! Stop by to see my newest doll on Wednesday Wee Ones. Marie Osmond will be having a doll show in March on QVC. I will email you with the times when I find out what they are. Happy Valentines Day!