Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Christmas morning at Grandma Bliss' house!
Grandma Bliss made all of the boy's quilt's for Christmas this year. A homemade quilt is the best gift ever in my opinion and my boy's feel the same way. Garrett and Grandma snuggled up under his quilt!
Branson all warm under his quilt.
All five boy's showing off their quilt's. They LOVE them!!!
Hey Grandma Bliss, "I think next Christmas should be the girl's year for a quilt!" (hint, hint)


  1. Hi Denise, you are so right, there is nothing better then a homemade quilt. One is good, but 5 is so awesome. So much love goes into a quilt, and there is nothing more precious then all that time. Do you think I could be put on her list?

    Cute new boarder
    Good to see you
    Come visit and have some hot chocolet and cinnebuns.


  2. Love the quilts and Love Bliss!! :)