Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today I went to the quilt show at the Petetneet.
This is a picture of me and Grandma Bliss standing in front of the wall-hanging's we made this year. They were so much fun to make and it was neat to see how different they looked when they were done.
I made mine out of cotton fabric and Grandma Bliss' is out of flannel.
This is a picture of our winter wall hanging's.
Mine is on the left and has a dark blue boarder around it, Grandma Bliss' is on the right and the boarder is red.
Cindy also made one with the same pattern but she didn't enter hers in the show. (Party Pooper)
This is my mom, (aka Grandma Bliss) and my sister Cindy.
Enjoying the day working at the quilt show.

This was my favorite wall hanging at the show, (other than mine and Grandma's of course.)
It is the Be-Attitudes.

As I was leaving the quilt show, I saw this beautiful rose and had to snap a picture. I Love the color, it is so pretty!

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  1. Hello, me from Prairie Flower Farm. How nice of you to come and become a follower. I am new at blogging and have really enjoyed making new friends. It was nice to see all your beautiful quilts How nice to have it a family thing. Blessings to you and yours.